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We are proud to offer our double degree in Digital Marketing & Business, with the Specialized MBA (by EFAP) and the Master of Science (by ESSCA) , having brought together three key actors in an exclusive partnership to offer the market the first ever academic course dealing with this challenge:
  • ESSCA, with more than a hundred years of history, features among the leading business schools in France and benefits from international recognition, fostering its values of respect for people and society.
  • The MBA DMB by EFAP, school of communication professions, established in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille and Lyon, already listed in the top ten “most influential” courses in digital, contributes its exceptional ecosystem of professionals to this course.
  • The HUB Institute, the leading international French think tank, is at the centre of the world’s digital transformation. Not an event goes by, not a single trend or innovation happens, without being deciphered, analysed and explained by its experts.

Whatever your profile, our double degree is made for you! Be the first to offer businesses a new profile: be the Bridge for digital transformation between Europe and China.

  • Transmission : An ‘‘IRL’’ faculty that selects the MBADMB speakers among active and influential professionals, all passionate about transmitting the reality of digital and the business world
  • Content : Access to a unique network of digital and communication professionals in Shanghai thanks to our partnership with the FrenchTech Shanghai
  • Network : Production of a blog on digital transformation in China : dmb-shanghai.com
  • Digital Project Manager (web, e-commerce, mobile)
  • Brand Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • E-business Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Or build a Chinese perspective into the digital transformation of your job today

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Selection criteria
  • Motivation and consistency with a career goal
  • Quality of oral and written expression
  • High level of English skills
  • Interpersonal skills (teamwork, management, negotiation)
  • Proficiency in general knowledge
  • Career experience


The course will take place over a period of 6 to 12 months in Shanghai:
  • 6 months of academic learning in Shanghai
  • 4.5 to 6 months of work placement internationally with a thesis

Business in China
  • Capitalism with Chinese characteristics (government, competitors & clients)
  • Chinese culture and lifestyles
  • Implementing sourcing & retailing strategies for digital Asia
  • Digital revolution, disruptive change & risk analysis in the digital age
  • Creating a Business & E-Business strategy to be agile in China
  • Impact of Digital Technologies & Emerging Business Models on Companies
  • The Internet of Things, Automation in Manufacturing & China-2025
Digital transformation & Marketing in China
  • Digital Economy and the Internet as a Media & Business Environment
  • Digital Marketing BtoC BtoB
  • CRM, eCRM & Retailing in China
  • Advertisement, Experiential Marketing & Branding using Digital Channels
  • Social Media, e-Commerce, Online Stores & Electronic Payment Methods
  • Analytics to Digital Marketing & Tracking Tools
  • Data Science & Big Data
Digital business & Transformation in Europe
  • Introduction to European digital economy & transformation
  • Ecommerce (UK, German, French)
  • Marketing Mobile
  • Digital health revolution
  • Digital Media (Display, Video & Programatic)
Digital marketing in Europe
  • SEA (Adwords Google)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Affiliate marketing, shopbot & market performance
  • Email Marketing & CRM
  • Social media in Europe
  • Analytics
Digital manager's tools
  • Personal branding, Curation, Inbound & Social
  • Live Shanghai (Visits and Conferences Business & Culture)
  • Digital Project Management
  • CMS Europe & China
Digital business cases
  • VisionaryClass
  • Junior Consulting Project
  • Digital Awards Competition

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