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International MBA


12 mois

14000 € HT

École spécialisée

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This program is organized to help students achieve the following key learning outcomes:

  • Competency in global leadership – elaborate the international development strategy, contribute to the elaboration of the global policy of the company, analyze the evolutions of the markets, define the guidelines, produce recommendations, present the axes of the strategy developed, and formalize the international development strategy.

  • Competency in growth management – design the international development plan, evaluate the existing markets according to the different target countries, identify the specificities specific to each country, evaluate the potentialities and risks, determine the orientations to be favored, develop an argument, and structure the development plan.

  • Competency in business creation – establish the commercial strategy and the operational marketing, define the projects to be conducted, check the compliance of the business plans of the projects, structure the sales and marketing strategy to lead on the different zones, and supervise the development by the area managers.

  • Competency in international achievement – manage partnership relations and business negotiations, develop the sourcing policy, define the search methods of the service providers, negotiate the terms of the partnership, draw up the plan for new business, check the legislation in force, control the international activity, and negotiate.

  • Competency in cultural diversity – manage the international service and coordinating the activities, manage the budget of the service, assig sales managers, organize a mode of management of proximity or distance, negotiate and solve problems, contribute to the recruitment, mobility of employees, and conduct annual interviews.

  • Competency in worldwide markets – monitor and adjust the development plan, verify the relevance of the strategic approach developed within each region, analyze the markets, check the adequacy of the results with regard to the forecast, decide on the adjustments, and produce summary reports on all the results achieved.

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The first year of the programm is accessible with a Licence, a Bachelor, PGE 2ème Année (International Affairs Track), or equivalent - with or without work experience

The second year after 4 year studies or equivalent with academic background in Business - with or without work experience



PROGRAM YEAR 1 : GLOBALInternational Business LawGlobalization & International TradeGlobal Marketing Management LEADERSHIP Communication & Public SpeakingNegotiationTransformational Leadership...

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12 mois


14000 € HT

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École spécialisée



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Commerce international

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