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Why this MSc ?

The Specialisation in Luxury Retail Management is a unique program designed to meet the specific needs of major luxury retail players. It is the ideal course for students interested in acquiring managerial skills to build an international career. Luxury retail has become a highly competitive business. Gone are the days when it was easy to sell luxury goods based on the allure of the brand alone. Luxury retailing has been evolving dramatically during these past few years : A wide range of formats and concepts have emerged, posing new challenges to managers. Luxury players are constantly striving to innovate so as to attract and retain ever-more demanding affluent consumers.

Due to the convergent trends of increased competition and more knowledgeable customers, the traditional ways of running a luxury store can no longer guarantee success. Today, retail has become a key battleground in the urgent quest to find and keep the best customers.

But the luxury retail environment is much more than a store :

  • It is expected to provide a unique ambiance and atmosphere , reflecting and reinforcing the values of the brand.
  • It should offer an exceptional and inimitable shopping experience in which consumers develop long-lasting and emotional ties with the brand.
  • And, in order to accomplish this, it should be managed by a team of highly trained professionals who understand the operational and managerial facets of their job, the sensorial and emotional dimensions of the luxury brand, as well as ever-evolving customer demands and expectations.

The MSc learning outcomes :

On successful completion of the program in Luxury, participants will be able to :

  • Appreciate the unique facets of luxury, and the importance of brand heritage as translated into the products they are selling.
  • Demonstrate a culture of appreciation for the quality of the service.
  • Feel confident in their ability to deliver a consistent, distinctive, unique service experience in their store.
  • Understand and use the needed instruments/tools and methods to complete their managerial profile.
  • Exhibit sensitivity and the relational skills needed to optimize the quality of service delivered in the boutique, and therefore increase sales and reinforce customer loyalty.



Some of the courses offered in this MSc :
Introduction to Luxury Goods and Services. Luxury Industry and competitive analysis. Accounting and Financial Management in the Luxury Industry. Marketing...

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De l'année 2019 à 2020


2, Avenue Albert II, Principality of Monaco
98000 Monaco
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