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Politicians are following that call. Renewable energy technologies are reaching advanced stages, and more resource-efficient solutions from a circular economy or the sharing economy are starting to spread. Start-ups are developing innovative solutions for urban farming, and cities considering green infrastructure or modern mobility concepts. Companies are asked to report on their environmental and social impacts, and to develop responsible supply chains in their highly internationalized operations. The changes to business are inevitable, and are more important than ever.

The Master in International Sustainability Management equips you with the knowledge and skills to manage this change. It offers a broad portfolio of classes on the problems we face, solutions to discuss, and management tools to deal with the transition.

As a Master of Science, the programme is grounded in science and research, but also takes on a business perspective. We are convinced that future managers need to understand the world and context in which they operate before implementing viable solutions.

The programme therefore starts with an introduction to sustainability research and natural science foundations on climatology and ecosystems. Alongside an initial acquaintance with the business side of sustainability management, the Master addresses the economics perspective on resource exploitation and emission control on which government regulations are formed. The curriculum then continues to alternate between business frameworks for a sustainability transition and topics such as NGO management or sustainable governance.

Careers :

Sectors and positions you may work in after the Master in International Sustainability Management (MSc) :

Sustainability professionals :

  • Work in “green” companies, e.g. in the energy, technological, food, clothing or cosmetics industries, or in certification agencies.
  • Are motivated to rethink traditional structures and work in strategic or sustainability departments, marketing departments, consultancies, green governance or for NGOs.
  • Found innovative start-ups or become social entrepreneurs.

Jobs :

  • Sustainability or CSR director.
  • Logistics & production manager.
  • Resource efficiency analyst.
  • Strategic planner.
  • Marketing manager.
  • Business development manager.
  • Controller & accountant.
  • Lobbyist.

La formation MSc in International Sustainability Management se déroule sur nos campus de Paris et de Berlin.



The coursework is structured as follows : Lecture-based learning on Sustainability, CSR, Business Ethics, Environmental Management and Marketing, Ecosystems, Climate Change and Economic Theory.In the...

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ESCP Business School
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24 mois


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