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A “complex system” can be defined as a system including multiple elements with different and variable individual behaviours which interact to produce the overall system behaviour. This very general definition clearly reveals that a large number of environmental, biological and even human systems can be qualified as complex.

The MScT CSE mix Sciences and Management courses, and combine analytical rigor with creativity, research with implementation, in a multicultural environment.

The Master is designed in the tradition of the training offered by Ecoles Centrale, placing the student at the heart of the process, directly involved in multiple professionalising activities including soft skills.

The Master program is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and supported by the A*MIDEX label, the Aix-Marseille Initiative of Excellence.

Career prospects

+ This Master's programme is designed to provide its students with the specialist knowledge and transferable skills to pursue careers in companies, global corporations or non-governmental organisations or for those interested by research to pursue their studies by a PhD.

+ This Master’s programme aims to train project manager engineers capable of managing complex projects.

+ Following the Environmental engineering master’s programme, typical careers involve the provision of high-quality environmental consulting services, performing research for complex planning and development projects, leading the definition and/or execution of environmental strategy, etc. Example of positions: engineer addressing air and water pollution monitoring, control and/or forecasting, landscaping for urban climate control, flood prevention, CFD for environmental/energy analysis, etc.

+ The Biomedical engineering master’s programme is designed for the main biomedical engineering specialities: biomechanics, medical imaging, biomedical instrumentation, orthopaedics, clinical engineering, etc. Your scientific & technical skills as well as those acquired in project management and change management will open up numerous employment opportunities, in particular in Research & Development engineering, consultant engineering, audit engineering, academic project engineering, and management.

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The Master of Sciences and Technology in Complex Systems Engineering Master is an international programme open to students and young professionals from all over the world. Diversity of cultural background and gender are valued.



The Master CSE is a unique full-time 2 years International Programme in Complex System Engineering, taught in English. The Master has a core programme and 2 specializations related to priority worldwide...

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Master 1


1 an(s)


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